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Computer Science

MaCES offers an award-winning Computer Science program led by a distinguished faculty that has been recognized nationally.  
Computer science is the study of how to solve problems using computers. It goes beyond just programming to include the analysis and design of algorithms, the management of data, and the development of software systems that interact with hardware and users. This field integrates principles from mathematics, engineering, and logic, enabling students to approach complex issues with innovative and effective solutions.
The impact of computer science is evident in every aspect of modern life, from enhancing medical technologies to streamlining communication and entertainment. It is essential for driving innovation and efficiency in our increasingly digital world. By studying computer science, students gain valuable skills that are critical for success in numerous industries and everyday tasks.
MaCES has developed a CS pathway unlike any other in our region, that starts in middle school and continues through high school. Courses offered include CS Discoveries, Exploring Computer Science, AP CS Principles, AP CS Applications, Intro to Data Science, and a Cloud Computing Certification program. In addition, students have the opportunity to be involved with CS related extra-curricular organizations such as Robotics, Girls Who Code, and the Computer Science Honor Society.
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